Steve Wood

swThe early years

· Dismantled (vandalised) Amplion wireless radio horn at age 2.

· Presented gramophone records to family and friends at age 3.

· Wired BS1363 plug at age 4-5.

· Experimented with Merryfield “Gram-deck” tape recording apparatus (mounted on record player) at age 6-7, and became a nuisance. Wore out record player, so turned to Mum’s prized radio-gram.

· Wired most of house for sound at age 8 and became more of a nuisance.

· Started broadcasting on cable to next-door neighbour at age 9.

· Acquired portable tape recorder (2 ½ “ reels) and became even more of a nuisance.

Getting on

· Joined Radio Cabin in 1980, mentored by the wonderful late Edmund Foley.

· Presented “Reminiscing”, the oldies slot in Graham Jenkins’ Lunchtime programme.

· Presented “The Talking Machine” for around a year, featuring exclusively phonograph cylinder recordings.

· “Reminiscing” was reborn as an hour of gramophone records under the title “A Sentimental Journey”, later renamed “The Light Programme


Radio, good food, good beer, good company, horology (particularly Bulova Accutron tuning-fork watches)

Favourite Radio Presenter/Programme: –

Bob Holness: – “Late Night Extra” (BBC Light, 1 & 2) and “Anything Goes” (BBC World)

Favourite Music: –

Anything by anyone, as long as it’s good

Dedications (Please allow at least a week) : –



· Steve Wood, Radio Cabin, Winch’s Field, Herne Bay, CT6 5SG

On the air: –

·”The Light Programme”  Sunday at 12:00 midday, repeated on the following Wednesday at 21:00