Damon Oldacre

doDate joined Radio Cabin: 1997 (ish)

Job: Firefighter & Managing Director of Aura Event Services Ltd

I got involved with Radio Cabin primarily for the technical side, as that was my particular area of¬†interest. The first time I was at the studio, I sat in on a show with Chris Liggins to see how it was done. She asked me if I wanted to say something over the mic. “No thanks”, I said. “You’ll never get me doing that”. Anyway, a few months later, I was and still am now. Although I still love the technical side of Radio Cabin, I also enjoy doing shows as well and missed it immensely when I took a year off.

Because of shift work, I don’t have a regular show,¬†but you can hear me providing show cover (normally for Drivetime on Monday or Friday if I’m free) and when I am available and wake up to my alarm, joining Peter Jell on the Breakfast show. If I’m not presenting and you pop by the studio, you may find me with a soldering iron in hand or cursing at a computer!

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