Damon Oldacre


doDate joined Radio Cabin: 1997 (ish)

Job: Firefighter & business partner / sound engineer (RKDO Sound and Light)

I got involved with Radio Cabin mainly for the technical side, as that was my particular interest. The first time I was at the studio, I sat in on a show with Chris Liggins to see how it was done. She asked me if I wanted to say something over the mic. “No thanks”, I said. “You’ll never get me doing that”. Anyway, a few months later, I was and still am now. Although I still love the technical side of Radio Cabin, I also enjoy doing the show as well and missed it a lot when I took a year off.

If there’s anything you’d like to hear on my show, or if you have an event that you’d like mentioned, please let me know.

Enjoy the show and hope to hear from you.